Tell me about Pandemonium. What is it that you do, exactly?

We're a movement to start people reading screenplays as naturally as they do novels. We are, also, a platform for establishing new writers and new characters. What we do, exactly, is 'establish the IP' (Intellectual Property) of the screenplay, so that, when we pitch a script to a studio, they will know it has an audience waiting——reducing a lot of their risk. Studios make best-selling books into movies; so we are making best-sellers out of our scripts.


How long does it take to read a screenplay? 

Reading a script takes about as long as watching a movie: 1.5 to 2 hours for a feature length screenplay. The general rule is a minute a page. In contrast, a novel takes between 4-10 hours to read.

What do I get when I buy a script? 

You get a downloadable PDF that you can load into an e-reader, tablet, or print on three-hole paper and fasten with brass brads that can be found at Staples.

Who am I helping by buying a screenplay? 

The short answer is the writer, the studio and yourself. The writer gets paid on every screenplay sold. The studio's risk is reduced by knowing their is an audience for these titles. And you take the reigns on what you want to see produced. You become a real part of the Hollywood process! 

Will the movie in my head be good?

Of course! You'll automatically be casting, directing and styling this movie in your head as you read it.

What’s it like reading a script? 

It's like drinking a glass of inspiration. Afterwards, your mind will be reeling with amazing thoughts, feelings and images. 


What do you mean by “building an audience around a script”?  

Pandemonium is a new platform for establishing your intellectual property in the public's mind. We are getting people to buy and read screenplays. This helps your screenplay gain traction before we pitch it to the studios.


Agents wait until you're a star, then they come after you. So, consider us star makers. We developed Pandemonium because this is the way modern day agents work. In the 50s & 60s agents were out on the road six months a year discovering new talent like Elvis. Today, they look for talent that's getting big on their own. So, we work to make you big, get you noticed.  

I've written a script that everyone likes and I've been advised to write the novel version of it and get that published as a way to get my movie made. Do I really have to do that?

Yeah, no, that makes about as much sense to us as trying to go from LA to Vegas and setting sail for Japan. However, this is advice we've heard industry people give with a straight face. So, you could do that or you could sell your script with us and take the direct route from script to screen.

What genre do you accept? My screenplay's considered controversial. is that okay? 

Absolutely! Any and all genres are welcome. We are looking for variety on our site——as long as it is an entertaining, worthwhile read. We definitely lean more towards edgy and controversial than “family-friendly.” 

What does it take for you to sell my screenplay on your site? 

We'll tell you what Carl Reiner told us, "Just tell me a good story." Your screenplay needs to be entertaining enough to be considered worthwhile. We are looking for screenplays that score above 70 out of 100. For example, you can consider Zoolander a 70, Legally Blond an 85, and Memento or Shawshank Redemption a 100. The script has to be considered “finished work,” but we do have experts if you need help with an early draft, just ask!

How many pages does my screenplay need to be? 

It must be at least 30 pages for a half-hour pilot episode, and between 90—120 pages for a feature, in industry standard format.

Do I have to pay to submit my screenplay? 

Absolutely not, it’s free to submit. If we agree to sell it on our site, then YOU make money by people downloading/buying your screenplay. Plus, in the event that we get your script optioned you’ll earn a satisfying payday! You can submit a PDF of your script on this page: