Pandemonium, What exactly do you do?

We're The Original Screenplay Publisher® aka: a movement to start people reading screenplays... like, all the time on a regular basis. We also promote new writers and characters, because we, too, are tired of the same old remakes. What we do, exactly, is prove to studios and producers that our scripts have an audience——reducing their risk. An easy way to think about it is "Studios make best-selling books into movies; so we make great screenplays into best-sellers." ...and rock stars out of our writers.


How long does it take to read a screenplay? 

A screenplay takes the same amount of time to read as it does to watch: 1.5 hours for a 90 page feature film; think "a minute a page." In contrast, a full novel takes between 4 to 10 hours to read. That's why we say, "Full story, Half the time."

What do I get when I buy a script? 

You get a downloadable PDF that you can load onto an e-reader, tablet, or print on three-hole paper and fasten with brass brads or screw posts. Also, we're happy to hand out hard copies to new readers, so if you'd like to hold one in your hand, just ask. :)

Who am I helping? 

You are helping the writer, the studio, and yourself. The writer gets paid on every screenplay sold, and enough sales could bring a lucrative development deal. You reduce risk on the studio by proving that the script you just read has an audience. Most importantly, you help yourself by propelling new characters and new stories onto the screen.

Will IT play LIKE A movie in my head?

Yes, you'll automatically be casting, directing, acting, and art directing this movie, on location, in your head, as you read. One of my creative directors at Indika once asked me, "Do you know why we make the actors so beautiful? Because we see ourselves in the characters." So, #PickUpAScript and see yourself. 


What do you mean “building an audience”?  

We publish and promote your screenplays that pass our curated review process. If your script scores 85+ out of 100 on our scale, and if we feel it's a worthwhile read (time well spent), we'll spend our time, our team, our money on promoting you and your work. The people who buy and read your work (your new fans) is the audience we build. Your new audience gives you the juice to actually have some traction when we pitch it to studios.


Agents come after you, after you're a star. So, consider us your star maker. In the '50s & '60s, agents were on the road six months of the year discovering new talent... like Elvis. Today, they look for talent that's getting big on their own, then they engage. So, we work to make you big, get you noticed. Here's a blog post that goes into more detail. 

I was told to write the novel version of my script & get that published as a way to get my movie made.

Unless you were told that by a book publisher with a check for $100,000 in their hand, that was someone who can't help you or someone's way of saying, "Please, don't bother me for at least two years." Yeah-no, to us, that makes about as much sense as setting sail for Japan when you want to get from LA to Vegas. And yes, we've heard this advice given with a straight face. So, take it as, "I'm sorry, I just don't know how to help you." But we do. We know the direct route from script to screen is selling your script directly to the public.

What's it take to sell my script on your site? what genres do you want? controversial okay? 

Absolutely! Any and all genres are welcome——as long as they are entertaining, in the industry standard format (Fade In), and at least 30 pages. We have an appetite for everything from "Wonderboys" to "Ex Machina" to "Tarantino" & "Grease" & "The Jerk" & "Space Balls." I personally love biopics and coming of age movies, but we want you to surprise us, elate us, and turn us on. Meaning, show us something we don't yet know we want.

MORE ABOUT OUR SCALE: For example, you can consider "Legally Blonde" an 85, and "Memento" or "Shawshank Redemption" a 100. The script has to be considered “finished work,” but we do have experts if you need help with an early draft, just ask!